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For a long time, Facebook mobile style inspired me and then I've made a new style of mobile version. Already you can see all the screenshots. You can view them all at once.. Now I've added some information for this style. Firstly, it's easy to use and nice. Built on XenForo jQuery, use Facebook icon sprites, cross browser compatible and easily customizable for developers CSS + JS.

Menus always can be opened or closed (It's like XenForo default theme menus) and already you will see other screenshots. Did you see left menu icon? Just click on the menu button (the top left of page) then will open left menu like this;

Yeah as I said it's like Facebook mobile menu. Like the type seen in the mobile versions of Facebook and Google site.

You should have a look at more screenshots, you will see more thing. People spend more time on your site and you you will be satisfied with it. As well as traffic increases. In addition, this style can be developed over time.
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