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Smoothy with 6 colors now ! -

Premium Smoothy with 6 colors now ! - 1.5.8

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Smoothy is a very clear style, with an orange color tone that recalls as its name indicates the smoothy. ;)


Now, with 6 colors!

You can change the color quickly with 4 new color palettes:

You will notice that many blocks have a thicker outline, this feature has been added in many places.

Tested with:
  • XenForo Media Gallery
  • XenForo Resources Manager
  • TaigaChat Pro
  • Showcase

You also get all the benefits of XenCore Framework.

  • I also added a small feature located in the visitor panel, depending on the time of day, a different message will be displayed:

  • Another interesting feature is the ability for users to change background! (Administrator can add 10 backgrounds, and usergroup permissions)
DEMO (guest can use):


Add others colors:

  • Import the .xml file of colors chosen (in Child_styles folder)
  • Import as child of style to "Smoothy"
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