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XF 1.X Eklentiler Show Extras in thread page 1.0.0

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xfversion 13, xfversion 14, xfversion 15

First I should say I'm not a professional XF add-on developer, so don't expect a lot from me and this simple add-on. (this is a simple add-on for those who don't know how to use templates to add their contents to pages. So if you are a professional admin, then feel free to purchase a manage ads add-on, that has tons of features)

I just saw some one need to show some extra contents in different places in thread pages, so just created this add-on.

With this add-on you show everything you want from option page in ACP, in:
  • footer of first posts
  • header of first posts
  • header of all posts
  • footer of all posts
  • Between all posts
All can be used altogether. (Also all fields support HTML)

Screenshot from option page:
Lütfen içeriği görebilmek için Giriş yap veya üye ol.

Hope to be useful
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