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[rellect] AdBlock Detector

Premium [rellect] AdBlock Detector 2016-02-14

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- Click <here> to buy. This is a direct link to a premade paypal invoice for the product.
- Download link will be sent automatically to your email address few minutes after the transaction is complete.
- New features or special requests are added based on available time. If you'd like to fund a feature in order to get it done faster, please contact me.

For more information and refund policy visit the FAQ tab.


What is 'AdBlock'?

AdBlock is content filtering and ad blocking extension which can be installed in the browser. AdBlock allows users to prevent page elements, such as advertisements, from being displayed. (From Wikipedia)

AdBlock extensions are in the top most popular extensions in Chrome, Firefox and Safari.
Per different reports, as of June 2015, there are 198 million internet users to be actively using adblock extensions.

How AdBlock affects my site?
As explained above, AdBlock designed to block and remove advertisements. In most sites, the biggest (and sometimes, the only) revenue comes from advertisements.
For that reason you don't want your visitors to use AdBlock. It's directly affects your income.

More visitors exposed to advertisements = potential to earn more money.

What 'AdBlock Detector' does?
This add-on will detect if visitor's browser is running an AdBlock.
If so, it will popup an alert and ask (or force) to disable it.

You can use it to make people aware of the consequences to the site by using this extension, and nicely ask to disable it.
Or you can force to disable it, and not allow to enter into the site until then.


Control Who Will See The Alert, And How Frequently
You may choose different permissions for each usergroup, and even for individual users

4 Different Types of Alerts
Choose your preferred way to alert the user

- Overlay

- Floating message

- Notice

- Notification

- Random
It will show a random alert type (from the available ones) in every refresh.


Exclude Specific Pages
There are pages that you may not want to bother the user with this alert, for example, the registration page.
You may exclude any page or forum you want, with a very flexible method.


This is a real screenshot from a customer who wanted to share with me the change he had after running the addon for a while.
See the revenue increment.

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