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Partners (or sponsors) -

Premium Partners (or sponsors) - 2.0.0.

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, 1.4, 1.5
Partners add-on allows you to display a block below the forums with links to partner. Of course, you can use it for other uses.(sponsors)


General options: (for forums list & sidebar mode)
  • Enable/disable Partners add-on
  • 15 partners available
  • Block title
  • Contact text
  • Link of contact text
  • Tooltip on contact text

Forums list block:
  • Enable/disable block
  • 2 positions: Display partners block below or before forums list
  • Scrolling speed
  • Scrolling direction (left or right), if you leave the field blank, the links will automatically fixed

Sidebar block:
  • Enable/disable block
  • Container height
  • Spacing between the links
  • Scrolling speed
  • Scrolling vertical direction (up or down), if you leave the field blank, the links will automatically fixed
  • Scrolling horizontal direction (left or right), if you leave the field blank, scrolling will be vertical

Properties style:
  • Block - Forums list
  • Block title - Forums list
  • Block container - Forums list
  • Block title - Sidebar
  • Block container - Sidebar

Video NEW v 2.0.0:

Video (Old v1.0.0):

It includes a block in the sidebar also. you can display one or the other or both! Fully responsive!

For block in sidebar, you can activate a vertical or horizontal scrolling. (left or right)
For block in forums list, you can place partners block before or below the forums list, and activate the scrolling (left or right)

It was done to make your life easier, all is customizable, text, fonts, colors, links, you can easily change the block and their contents, you can adapt to all styles!

An management of Font awesome are added, you can display any Font Awesome (519 available) before your links, and animate your Font Awesome for more visibility.

The add-on uses the class to your style, this way, the modification to be almost zero.

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