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[LN] Blog

Premium [LN] Blog 1.0.0-Beta-3B

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Uyumlu XenForo Sürümleri
, 1.4, 1.5
Add-on Redistribution
I've noticed several sites allowing my add-on to be downloaded from them. Please note that this is not allowed and to discontinue doing so.I have not given any site permission to redistribute my add-on on their site.

For those who are doing it for translation purposes, you should be using the separate language file I've provided and onlythat file. If your members would like to download the add-on, please link back to this thread so they may get it from here and here only.

You can view the changes in the most recent updates here.
  • Fully integrates with XenForo–no external software or bridges used.
  • Search results for blog entries will display alongside thread and post results–nothing's separated.
  • Preview blog entries easily in similar fashion to previewing threads.
  • Highlights blog entries from people you follow.
  • Ability to post comments on blog entries.
  • Completely phrased for easy translation.
  • Profile tab displays a user's entries.
  • Online activity shows when a user is viewing blogs and links to blog entry when applicable.
  • Makes use of the color pallet for your styles, but also has its own classes for blog-specific customization if needed.
  • User group permissions allow you to control who can access the blog and use its features.
  • News feed integration, listing likes, blog entries, and blog comments.
  • Like integration for both blog entries and comments.
  • Users are now able to report blog entries or blog comments for site staff to deal with.
  • Alerts are now integrated to blog-specific actions, including preferences to disable them.
  • Inline-editing and moderation so you can manage blog entries and comments efficiently.
  • Moderation Que integration.
Download and Installation
Make sure you backup your site before installing this add-on.

To install the blog, there are three steps you need to perform.

Step 1Download the attached .zip file and upload to your server where XenForo is installed. There are 2directories that you need to upload files to and their locations are listed below:
  • js/
    • lnblog
  • library/
    • LNBlog
Step 2Once the files have been uploaded, log in to your Admin Control Panel and click theInstall Add-onlink on the left hand menu. Browse to the addon_LNBlog.xmlfile on your computer and then click the Install Add-onbutton.

Step 3Go to your user group permission settings and update them accordingly. That's it!

Upgrading the blog is a verysimple process. Similar to when you first install the add-on, you take the files within the upload directory and upload them to your server but this time you overwrite the pre-existing files.

Then log into your admin control panel where you will either click List Add-onsin the left panel or Manage Add-Onsin the bottom right where your currently installed add-ons are listed. Once you are taken to the add-on listing, click Controlsnext to LeafNet Blogand in the drop-down menu, click Upgrade. Here you upload the new XML file contained in the latest release files and XenForo will do the rest.

Next, go over your user groups and double check any permissions are set correctly. Like with Beta 2, Beta 3 introduces several new features that you should make sure your members and staff are able to access.
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