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, 1.4, 1.5
Live Demo
(The notice looks a little strange on the demo site until you login using the demo account provided due to the how the custom notices are setup)

Gamer Time is a brand new gaming style from Pixel Exit! It uses a great contrast of dark and light colors. It also takes advantage of an optional Horizontal Postbit and the ability to style the notices like no other style out there. The style also utilizes our "Widen Style" option perfectly to expand the design to a fluid state but keeping the content at a max-width of your choosing.

The default red/yellow are controlled by the color palette to allow you to easily change to your preferred colors.

By default we ship our Gamer Time with it's own customized horizontal postbit:

We've included the logo PSD so you can edit it to your liking.

Get creative with our notices! We've added a property specific to Gamer Time to shift the notices and customize them a little further.

You can also have them in the default position if you want too.

I've included 4 images by default to get you started, and you can find a guide on the notices on our Resource Manager.

The style is built off of our XenBase framework so you're able to utilize all of the existing features on it, you can read up on our XenBase Framework here:

Style - XenBase Framework -
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